Azadeh is offering  Organic Airbrush Cosmetic Permanent Makeup which gives you a beautiful natural look!
This procedure is different than tattooing permanent makeup. Azadeh is well known for being an eyebrow designer, which can be so beneficial for permanent makeup eyebrow application.
She travels all over the country to teach others  the newest technique of permanent make up. This new technique that Azadeh uses leaves behind a natural look that is beautiful.

Azadeh has been doing permanent makeup for over 17 years and is also a licensed instructor and technician. She received her training in the US , Europe, and Dubai.  She travels back home to Dubai every year to get updated on the latest techniques.
Azadeh specializes in:
permanent makeup and permanent makeup correction, eyebrow design, cosmetic facial reconstruction, scar camouflage, color enhancements and offers the finest quality areola pigmentation and restoration for women who have battled breast cancer.
Azadeh has applied her own permanent make up and you can see how natural it looks!

For more information or to schedule a free consultation please call 850- 896-1829
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